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10 Smart Tips To Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster

Anyone who accesses any website seems always in hurry to load it faster. No matter, it is mobile or desktop user, creating a website that opens faster will make the conversion rate higher. As compared to the desktop users, the mobile sites take a long time to be accessed.

If you want to get the attention of mobile users long enough to create the conversions, you have to speed up your mobile site. Comparatively, the number of mobile users is higher than desktop users. Following are some important tips that can help you to design the mobile first website will improve your business traffic.

10 Smart Tips To Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster

  1. Avoid Or Minimize The Redirects

    Redirects slow down your site, because server takes time to search and retrieve your original document as requested by clicking on the link where it is no longer residing. Additionally, the process can increase your bounce rate. So, you have to minimize the redirects if you really want the attention of visitors.

  2. Compressed Images

    Several images on your website also determine its loading time on your device. In order to improve the speed of your website, you should use the compressed images and scale them up for small devices. If it is possible, you should decrease the number of images on your website. Make sure to maintain the quality of the images even after compressing its size. It will greater if you remove unnecessary images except the essential graphics such as a logo.

  3. Simplify Your Web Design

    A website that is designed in a simple way looks more attractive and impressive. The number of codes it entails is impressive, but it may make your site heavier and slower. If you keep your website simple and clean as well as lighter, it will load faster on any device.

  4. Minimum Custom Fonts

    Undoubtedly, the custom fonts look amazing, but they utilize a lot of JavaScript or CSS that can bog down everything. It is advisable to avoid using custom fonts. In case, the overall look of your site depends on them, you can at least limit their use to important parts or areas like headings.

  5. Activate Google AMP

    Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. If you activate this, you will be able to make your site look great and load faster at the same time. It will never make an issue of device type or distribution platform. AMP utilizes the ultra-minimalistic HTML which helps to speed up the loading time of your content on your pages that you access on your mobile.

  6. Short Signup Steps

    Generally, the signup process for a site entails up to six to seven steps. In order to speed up the site, you have to cut the steps down to three or four steps. In this way, you will be able to make your page lighter and load faster.

  7. Minify Your Code

    Your websites contain a number of codes and mostly of same characters that are probably redundant and useless. If you minify your website’s code by reducing or removing you will effectively make your site load quicker. Thus, your site will open easily on any device.

  8. Keep Browser Caching On

    The mobile browser becomes able to remember the pages and keep on saving the data in your device for later use. In this condition, when you activate the browser caching, you will affect the mobile speed and loading time.

  9. Use Of Mobile SEO

    Google’s Mobile First Index support to use mobile websites on the basis of Google’s ranking and search listings. It especially pays attention to the sites having no mobile versions or with poor performance on mobile and tablets. The mobile first index turns out to be beneficial to motivate the webmasters to speed up the websites as it is one of the important factors of the SEO.

  10. Too May Plugin/Extension

    A number of plugins or extension in the CMS can cause slower loading. Many plugins for popular CMSs send requests to the database. They may also send them to external sources. Thus, it affects the loading of the page.

Why Focus on the Loading Time?

Just because your site is not able to load faster, it can make a big impact on your business. Obviously, if your site is unable to be accessed by the mobile users, there will be chances of having low traffic. Almost you will get only unsuccessful business. The low traffic will lead to decrease the conversion rates, ranking and sale. A simple logic behind the whole concept is, technically you get much more audience from mobile users. In order to get the higher traffic, you first have to grab the mobile users.

So, optimize your mobile website speed by doing advanced and effective techniques. Moreover, you can take the help of professionals at DigitalLabz. We are the leading web design and development company in Kitchener. Our team of professional designers understand the value of success for your online business. Thus, we work hard in achieving the successful result by implementing advanced techniques.

5 Blazing Fast WordPress Plugins for a Lightning-Fast Website

Plugins for WordPress Website DevelopmentSo, are you thinking about building a website to enhance your business’s online presence? It is a great idea, but there are plenty of online resources that are necessary to build a website. Before building a website, it is important that you have a little knowledge about them. To achieve your digital success in the digital world, speed and a great user experience are important keys.

Whether you are running an e-commerce website or another site, your visitor never likes to wait around for a lethargic website. To get the attention of your visitors, you have only three to four seconds. If your site takes more than four seconds to open, they move to another website. Speed is a main constant issue in slow website. The speed of your website depends on plugins that you use on the website.

There are many WordPress plugins that can increase the speed of your website. Let’s take a look on them.

  • BJ Lazy Load:

    It makes your website load faster. BJ Lady Load WordPress plugin is used to replace all the post images, gravatar images, post thumbnails and content iframes with a placeholder and uploads the content of your site very faster when a user scroll down the page.

  • Imsanity:

    The larger files take too much time to load when any one open your website. High resolution and extra-large images can make your website too slow. It creates many problems if you upload all the images on a single page of your site. To make your website user friendly and search engine friendly, it is important to upload images with the right size.

  • Gzip Ninja Speed Compression:

    Content is not only responsible for the slow speed of your site. Codes that you used to create a site, are also increasing and decreasing the page loading time. You can make it run faster by deleting whitespaces, comments and line breaks. Most of the designers and developers use code minifying plugin ‘Gzip Ninja Speed Compression’. It automatically deletes all the whitespace and line breaks from codes.

  • W3 Total Cache:

    W3 Total Cache is used to enhance the user experience by increasing server performance and it mitigates the download times. It is one of the best plugins to increase your website’s speed up to ten times. For this, make sure it is fully configured.

  • WP Optimize:

    It is a very simple and effective plugin to cleanup your WordPress website database. There are plenty of trash hidden in your WP database that makes things slow. To remove them permanently, you need a cleanup plugin like WP Optimize. It removes all the trash and spam comments from the database.

Building a website may be easy, but handling a WP website is not as easy as it looks. It requires more attention and you should take many responsibilities. Whether you are running a website or want to make your own new website, you can contact with our adept and professional web designers and WP developers Kitchener.