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5 Best & Attractive WordPress Table Plugins

5 Best & Attractive WordPress Table PluginsWordPress is an open-source content management system that can be completely customized with free and paid plugins available in abundance on the web. If you are using WordPress for blogging and infographics depicting website, you may need to represent the data in various forms which include tables, pie-charts, bar graphs and more.

When it comes to presenting your content in an organized table format, there are several WordPress table plugins that can fulfill the purpose. Since tables are not currently a native feature in WP, we have composed a list of best table plugins that can serve your visual layout needs. They are:

  • TablePress

    TablePress is a freely available high rated WordPress table plugin which follows a simple and no nonsense approach of embedding tables. Without using any code, you can insert and create beautiful tables on your web pages using the shortcodes. It also allows importing and exporting excel data, HTML, and JSON formats. TablePress can convert formulas and other spreadsheet data into tables.

  • wpDataTables

    This plugin is available as both free and paid plugin. It takes care of sorting out the data into the table. All you have to do is to upload a spreadsheet in Excel, CSV, JASON, or XML format into your WordPress site and wpDataTables will sort out the data. It also supports multiple column data which include but is not limited to images, data, time and others. The paid version is available for $44 and offers additional features.

  • Ninja Tables

    Ninja Tables is a popular table plugin designed for WordPress which enables you to create custom tables right from the page itself using a page builder. The additional features it offers include adding media in the table, changing the theme color, and one-click element customization. It is not limited to exporting and importing data from the Excel and CSV file, but also allows including data from other WordPress table plugins.

  • Advanced Tables

    Advanced Tables, as the name describes is a plugin that allows editing the table in Excel. If you want to customize a table with an editor, Advanced Tables Excel editor can copy and paste any sort of data. It is a paid plugin available for just $20. Being available in more than 20+ responsive, material and flat table designs, you can choose the one that matches your site’s theme.

  • Ultimate Tables

    In contrast to Advanced Tables, Ultimate Tables plugin is a versatile and free plugin which allows you to create responsive tables. Though it is available in three distinct table designs to choose from, you can even create one from scratch using a table builder. Using this plugin, you can easily reorder the rows and columns in the table for better management. Moreover, you can insert tables on your posts or pages with the use of shortcodes.

So, these are some of the common table plugins for WordPress that can be installed to include a customized table on your webpage. If you are planning to get a WordPress website for your business, feel free to contact our Kitchener based web developers at DigitalLabz.

5 Ways To Improve Website User Experience With Content

5 Ways To Improve Website User Experience With ContentDo you want to retain more and more audience on your business website? If yes, make it more user friendly and clutter-free. Online visitors generally prefer sites that are rich in UI and UX with the relevant content they are looking for. Before getting a website designed, it is important to know about your target audience and their preference.

In the terms of web, accessibility refers to designing and developing websites with easy to use interface which ensures rich user experience for everyone. Whatsoever be your business or objective, an accessible website with better content still rules the web. It not only provides proper guidance or knowledge but also improves the UX.

Some easy ways to enhance user experience with the help of content include:

  • Use Meaningful Button Names

    Online visitors are often the sighted users who are usually running short of time. This is the reason they won’t concentrate on reading each and every line embedded within a web page. They just simply scan through the headings, sub-headings and all other stuff. To make sure, your web audience doesn’t get confused while navigating through the website, it is important to give unique and meaningful names to the headings, links and buttons. This will allow a better usability and accessibility with no confusion.

  • Write Actionable Error Messages

    Almost every website is composed of forms, like appointment form or contact us. This form consists of fields that need to be filled up and submitted. What if a person forgets to fill a field or submitted the form wrongly? To deal with the situation, one of the most efficient ways is to write an actionable error message that pops up every time a false action is taken or wrong data is filled.

  • Add Clear Alt Tag To Images

    Almost all web images are composed of alt tags that play a key role in improving the screen readability for users. These are invisible bits of information that allow persons with low-vision to understand the image content, data visualization, pie-charts, hero images and info-graphics. Alt tags are no longer used for SEO purposes and improve the user experience.

  • Write Clear & Descriptive Headings

    Unlike text, headings gain a lot of attraction and are usually the first part of the content that a user views on a website. It allows users to have a quick look at the text that is embedded within a paragraph by just taking a look at the heading. By writing clear and clever headings, a web developer can explain its services or purpose of the site in just a few words. Moreover, they play a great role in controlling the excess of clutter and irrelevant information.

  • Optimize The Website Content

    Images and content on a website need to be optimized to set the page speed and flow. Alike text, it is advised to go for form optimization. This can be done by giving unique names of the labels and fields. The right information makes them more usable and accessible. Always indicate the fields which are optional in the form label and use a validation for the required fields.


For improving the user experience and to make a website more accessible, it is important to utilize the relevant content. This not only improves the readability but improves the site performance. If you are looking for WordPress website development for your business, consult our talented developers at Digital Labz in Kitchener.