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10 Best Web Tools For Designers To Create Impressive Infographics

10 Best Web Tools For Designers To Create Impressive InfographicsBeing an Infographic maker, one must know the creative way to design the customer-engaging visualizations. In the world of digital media, Infographics is one of the most content marketing forms which makes the readers get a quick access to desired information. Even, the enhancement of HTML5 and Internet connections has enabled the user to do anything on the web browser.

For the success of blogging, infographics are a far important thing to do such like sharing an average blog post. It means an interactive infographics can make the web to keep going and catch more and more eyeballs on your important information. More the audience rely on your infographics, more backlinks, and visits you can receive on your business site.

Following are the top-rated web tools which one can use to create beautiful Infographics:

  • Wordle:

    A Wordle Infographic tool allows the designer to create impressive visualizations with the help of text.This tool offers plenty of design options and one can choose according to the business needs.

  • Inkscape:

    If you want to create your overall Infographics through an ideal free option, Inkscape is one of the best examples. This free vector graphic tool is simple and intuitive to use as it does not create any kind of problems in importing the visualizations or combining them with other visual pieces to develop a masterpiece.

  • Canva:

    As the name suggests, Canva is one of the most popular online tools that are helpful in creating beautiful and appealing designs such like infographics. One can start using this Canva software for free for designing Infographic templates. This software also allows the user to adapt and modify his own digital Infographic.

  • Infogram:

    This web tool is best for those businesses whose infographics are data-centric. It develops the Infographics that are completely clean and easy to read. You built-in infographics through this tool will look great on every mobile device as well as the tablet.

  • Venngage:

    The focus of Venngage infographic tool is to develop attractive visualizations. This tool is helpful in creating slideshows, reports as well as wireframes. By using this tool, one can include the templates which consist of charts, maps, and icons. This is one of the completely advanced infographic tools that offers complete graphics control and objects in the infographics. One can share his beautifully invented infographics on the social channels to attract the audience.

  • PiktoChart:

    PiktoChart infographic tool allows creating a beautiful infographic style in content. It offers the templates that are updated on the regular basis and also provide an option of including the icons, charts, videos as well as maps which one can drag and drop according to its infographic style.

  • Stat Planet:

    Stat Planet is that infographic tool which is helpful in creating interactive infographics which one can also further use it as a static image. One can download this browser freely or also make its use within the browser. This tool offers a wide collection of world data and lets you to customize your Infographics in the most efficient manner.

  • Creately:

    With the use of this infographic tool, one can make interactive diagrams and charts easily. This tool has a number of purpose-designed diagrams which one can add in his chart to make a unique infographic. It is the professional way to design infographics and interact the audience.

  • iCharts:

    iCharts is an ideal option for everyday infographic maker as it allows the users to create infographics of any complex business in quick and easy manner. This infographic tool allows the user to access and update the data in real time.

  • Charts Bin:

    This one is the free infographic solution which is best to create interactive maps. Once the user signed up with this infographic tool, he can easily create a map according to his business choice.

While designing the infographic, try to keep it simple and choose a perfect color scheme through one of the infographic tools. For a quality infographic creation, you can also choose our team of web designers at DigitalLabz.

3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Website’s SEO

3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Website's SEOSo you have an amazing business website, but are still not able to find your business in the top Google search page ranks. If yes, all you need to do is go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the online world loaded with millions of websites, finding yourself on the top Google ranks is a dream that every business owner dreams of. SEO is a powerful technique supported by popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google & others. It includes the process of optimizing the website to make sure it ranks at the higher spots.

Some SEO steps to follow in order to boost the site rankings are:

  • Choose the right URL:

    Before your business website goes live, you must select a unique URL which is also known as your domain name. To find you online, the web visitors will type this address in the search tab and the other moment your website will pop up.

    Make sure the URL you choose is clean, beautiful and related to your business without any special characters and hash tags. A perfect domain name includes your business name and the keyword relevant to your business.

  • Write meta tag for each page:

    Each page within a website include an appropriate title and description that is used to identify it on the server. If you really want higher ranks for your website, then make sure you write a unique title and description for each service page which may or may not include keywords.

    While hovering the mouse over the small tab on the browser, the short phrase that pops up is known as the title of the page whereas the description is only noticeable on the Google search page. Both of these are collectively known as meta tags and are the first pieces of content that determine your site’s rank.

  • Utilize the anchor text:

    Anchor links are included in a website to prevent the clutter and to direct the user straight towards the things he/she is looking for. While writing the text for your website, do consider where you need to use the anchor text and where not. Anchor text can be simply defined as the text that visitors click on to navigate themselves to the other page within the website.

    To provide hassle free navigation, try providing the effective anchor text that can allow a user to easily find what he needs to check out. Anchor text can also include the keywords and phrases related to what you do. Though it is a great way to boost your SEO, don’t opt for excessive anchor tags or links.

If you’re really serious about your website’s ranking, make sure you follow the above explained SEO tricks that offers proven results. At Digital Labz, our team of SEO analysts provide effective optimization services to make your business found online.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s User Experience

5 Ways To Improve Your Website's User ExperienceDo you have a business website but are still unable to attract visitors? If yes, the reason behind this may be a boring user interface and complex navigation menu. To grab user attention, it’s important that your website should have a clean and concise design with innovative graphics that compel visitors to stay.

A good website is one that is again and again visited by the same visitor. This can only be achieved if the user experience or UX offered by a site is good. UX is generally measured by the level of accessibility, usability, efficiency, and attractiveness offered by an online website. Before designing a WordPress website, a web developer should be known to some crucial aspects of a design process that ensure better user experience.

Some ways to improve the website UX are:

  • Research Audience:

    Before starting to lay a web layout, don’t forget to research about your target audience upon whom your service is focused. If your products are meant for local visitors, avoid using complex designs and elements that are difficult to understand. In other words, research and identify your target audience to meet their needs right from the start.

  • Consistent Flow:

    The framework you choose for CMS website development decides the structure and looks of your online face. Since the content and graphics on the site are laid depending on the framework you choose, focus on creating a consistent design flow that is admired by your visitors.

  • HD Visuals:

    A picture speaks louder than the words is a true phrase that is deeply related to the web design. When it comes to user attention, images are a lot more effective than content. To ensure that more and more visitors visit your business website, it’s advised to include high definition and unique images.

  • Navigation Bar:

    Navigation is somewhat like a menu that allows a user to view different pages or sections within a website. They provide direct links to a relevant information a visitor is looking for. To prevent losing customers, make sure that you keep all navigation elements clear, understandable and visible.

  • White Space:

    White space is generally the empty space that is marked blank. To ensure that your website is less cluttered, try including a good portion of white space between every two elements. This will improve the flow of vision and ultimately the user experience.

These are some common ways to improve the user experience of a WordPress website. If you want a lead converting online website for your business, consult our web designers at DigitalLabz right away.

How Long Tail Keywords Are Good To Increase Your SEO Traffic

How Long Tail Keywords Are Good To Increase Your SEO TrafficDo you want to increase your ROI (Return on Investment)? If your answer is yes, then you need to optimize your website for long tail keywords than general keywords. Long tail keywords are important and can be just as successful for your site as shorter keyword phrases. These keywords contain at least three or more words and more specific in topic.

Having long tail phrases is an opportunity for your business to target your potential customers. By combining long keywords and shorter phrases in your search campaign, you can easily boost CTR (click through rates) and your website’s quality. Let’s probe the benefits of using long tail keywords.

  • Exceptional conversion rates:

    In order to get the exact and relevant results, people type long keywords. When they get prompt results to their searches, they are most likely to convert. For example, they like to search rear facing car seat cover instead of car seat cover or dog care products instead of dog care. It will help them to receive more relevant information.

  • Higher rank on Google:

    To reach a bigger number of audiences, use long tail keywords. By using them, you can easily reach out more than the target audiences. If you have short keywords, there are chances that website getting blown by competition. But longer phrases can get a better position in search engine results.

  • Less competition:

    Long tail phrases or keywords have a high search volume. If you run a small business, you will never rank higher on search engines because of competition from large agencies that also serve the clients.

  • More traffic:

    As a small or medium size business owner, you may want to get more traffic to your site. It is not easy to attract people to your website. When people search for any service or product and you ranked for that phrases, you could be getting an array of visitors to your website.

  • Affordable for PPC:

    You may know or not, but SEO is a long term procedure to get a higher rank on the Google and other search engines. Investing in Pay Per Click can help you generate visitors more quickly. PPC can be expensive, but by using long phrases in your campaign give a new look to your business.

  • Earn more visibility:

    Your website is in the tenth position on the Google and you want to earn higher ranking. It is possible only through long tail phrases or keywords. By using them, you are getting more visibility on the search engines.

Before selecting keywords for your campaign, think about your target customers. Think like your visitors and use long tail phrases or keywords effectively. If you know about them and their requirements, you will easily attract them to your website.