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5 Blazing Fast WordPress Plugins for a Lightning-Fast Website

Plugins for WordPress Website DevelopmentSo, are you thinking about building a website to enhance your business’s online presence? It is a great idea, but there are plenty of online resources that are necessary to build a website. Before building a website, it is important that you have a little knowledge about them. To achieve your digital success in the digital world, speed and a great user experience are important keys.

Whether you are running an e-commerce website or another site, your visitor never likes to wait around for a lethargic website. To get the attention of your visitors, you have only three to four seconds. If your site takes more than four seconds to open, they move to another website. Speed is a main constant issue in slow website. The speed of your website depends on plugins that you use on the website.

There are many WordPress plugins that can increase the speed of your website. Let’s take a look on them.

  • BJ Lazy Load:

    It makes your website load faster. BJ Lady Load WordPress plugin is used to replace all the post images, gravatar images, post thumbnails and content iframes with a placeholder and uploads the content of your site very faster when a user scroll down the page.

  • Imsanity:

    The larger files take too much time to load when any one open your website. High resolution and extra-large images can make your website too slow. It creates many problems if you upload all the images on a single page of your site. To make your website user friendly and search engine friendly, it is important to upload images with the right size.

  • Gzip Ninja Speed Compression:

    Content is not only responsible for the slow speed of your site. Codes that you used to create a site, are also increasing and decreasing the page loading time. You can make it run faster by deleting whitespaces, comments and line breaks. Most of the designers and developers use code minifying plugin ‘Gzip Ninja Speed Compression’. It automatically deletes all the whitespace and line breaks from codes.

  • W3 Total Cache:

    W3 Total Cache is used to enhance the user experience by increasing server performance and it mitigates the download times. It is one of the best plugins to increase your website’s speed up to ten times. For this, make sure it is fully configured.

  • WP Optimize:

    It is a very simple and effective plugin to cleanup your WordPress website database. There are plenty of trash hidden in your WP database that makes things slow. To remove them permanently, you need a cleanup plugin like WP Optimize. It removes all the trash and spam comments from the database.

Building a website may be easy, but handling a WP website is not as easy as it looks. It requires more attention and you should take many responsibilities. Whether you are running a website or want to make your own new website, you can contact with our adept and professional web designers and WP developers Kitchener.